About us

  • alfanar Testing & Commissioning (AT&C) is a specialised business unit under the alfanar Engineering Services, offering professional expertise in Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning services of electrical power systems of various voltage levels upto 380kV.
  • With a very strong team of experienced engineers and technicians numbering to 450 and a generous investment of more than USD20million on various testing and commissioning equipment, AT&C caters to various types of power systems, including 380kV EHV substations. With key experience in the testing and commissioning of switchgears, power transformers, protection and control systems, substation auxiliary equipment, fiber optic cable splicing and generation equipment, AT&C is committed to providing benchmark services to its clients.
  • Testing & Commissioning Services for:

    • Power Systems
    • Generation Equipment
    • Transformer
    • High Voltage
    • Fiber Optic
    • Transmission Line/ Underground Cable
    • Power Cable joint & termination

    The other Core Services include:

    • Oil Filtration & Treatment
    • SF6 (Sulfur Hexa􀀿uoride)